Associated Services

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What Are Associated Services?

We know that there could be other professional services that your business needs which we are not able to provide.  After all, “No man is an island”.  Rather than trying to provide these services in-house, we leverage on expertise of our strategic partners who are renowned in their fields.

As a result of our long-term relationship with these partners, we can offer the following services to you at special discounted rates:

  1. Bookkeeping & Accounting Services.
  2. Auditing Services.
  3. Corporate & Personal Taxation Services.
  4. Payroll & HR Solutions.
  5. Corporate Identity, Website Design & Printing Services.
  6. Office Property Search & Logistics Services.
  7. Corporate Banking & Insurance Services.
  8. Sales & Marketing Services.
  9. IT Infrastructure (Hardware & Software).
  10. Data Protection Services.

For more information on our Associated Services, please contact us today.


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