What are your Passport Programs about?

We offer 3 Passport Programs, the St. Kitts & Nevis, Commonwealth of Dominic and Panama Passport Programs.  These programs are a ‘Citizenship-by-investment’ programs that in return for a investment(s) that could come in the form of a flat-sum of money, real estate and/or industry contribution (Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation, St. Kitts & Nevis | National Bank of Panama, Panama), Economic contributors would receive a lifetime irrevocable citizenship in the respectively country, instantly.

These programs are especially useful for individuals looking for:

  • Business opportunities in these rapidly growing strategic locations:
    • Excellent taxation system.
    • Duty-free trading.
  • Family security:
    • Commonwealth of Dominica named one of the happiest places in the world to live in.
    • St. Kitts & Nevis named one of the world’s top islands to live in.
  • The luxury of visa-free travels to top destinations in Asia, America and Europe such as United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Brazil.