Special Investor Program

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What Is It?

The Special Investor Program (SIP) is an initiative by Xignam that allows Foreign Investors interested in applying for Permanent Residency (PR) in Singapore but are unable to meet the requirements of the Global Investor Program (GIP) or the PTS program.

The SIP’s investment amount is much lower than the GIP’s, but has a comparably longer waiting time of 2 years.  In this 2 years, investors will receive an Employment Pass, which will allow them to travel in and out of Singapore and enjoy the low tax rates that Singapore has to offer.

Although not a recognized government program, Xignam is the only agency in Singapore offering this exclusive program for ultra high net worth individuals.

Services That Are Included

  1. School Search for Children.
  2. Financial Planning for Family in Singapore.
  3. Property Search.
  4. Concierge Service in Singapore.
  5. Company Incorporation.
  6. Fund Manager Search.
  7. Medical Search.
  8. Investment Matching for appropriate companies to invest in, complete with Government Checks.

Interested In Special Investor Program?

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