The best! The communication with their team specifically with Priscilla is seamless and overall amazing. Priscilla handled my case and assisted me with all my requirements from my EP application until my entry approval, she’s professional and efficient, you will love her!

Mylene S.
5* (on 26 Jan 2022)

Very efficient and professional international company. The staff are very attentive, responsive and helpful to guide us through all the steps until the day the case is approved. Not only that, the company is committed to follow up with applicant even after approval is granted and provide ongoing supports. We are very happy with the service and wish the company to succeed and be always on the move of development. Thank you!

5* (on 27 Jan 2022)

The travel procedure to Singapore is more complicated than before; but Daniel, Shun & their team were of utmost assistance & ensured a smooth process throughout. Highly recommend their services.Thanks!

Ms Perera
5* (on 27 Jan 2022)

A very professional company. It delivers most efficient and effective workout. Its staff are all very friendly, especially Mr Calvin, he is very responsive and helpful to support us through the whole process of EP application. I'm very touched that even during Calvin's medical leaves, he was still very patient to provided us good services. Very appreciate the hard work from Calvin and the team! Wishing Calvin and the whole team continued success!

Mizar Singapore
5* (on 29 May 2022)

Dainial and Gerard was very prompt and helpful in the process to apply EP for our team. Communicating only through email and whatsapp their service are quite efficient i must say. Highly recommend their services. You will not regret trust me!!

Fairuza Zulkifli
5* (on 01 June 2022)

Thank you Dainial and team for their swift and fuss free work in bringing in Dr Henry within just 2 weeks!

Macquarie Chiropractic
5* (on 01 June 2022)

Thanks for offering us the professional service and consultation. Thanks Calvin. You're the best.

Susan Sia
5* (on 14 July 2022)

I have been a client for over 10 years & am continually impressed by their high level of service & professionalism. I can say from personal experience that they consistently produce positive results with Dainial, Gerard & their team providing personal, yet efficient service & always in a timely manner. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Nick Talbot
5* (on 18 July 2022)

Although there were some miscommunication initially resulting in a slight delay to submit my EP application, once it was brought to the notice of Dainial, it was immediately attended to and received my EP approval within 2 weeks of submission as it was handled professionally. Special thanks to Sofea Lyana for excellent customer service and also, Priscilla.

Ilyas Farook
5* (on 16 August 2022)

Very cooperative and very efficient. I have had a very good experience for my EP and my dependents' DP process with this team. Highly recommend them.

Rakesh Sharma
5* (on 16 August 2022)