Dependent Pass Application

The Dependent Pass (DP) is meant for eligible Employment Pass, Entre Pass, Personalised Employment Pass, ONE Pass, tech Pass and S Pass holders to bring their dependents (e.g. spouses, unmarried children) into Singapore. The primary Work Pass holder becomes the sponsor of the Dependent Pass. 

The Dependant Pass application is typically administered by the employer or appointed employment agent. Successful Dependant Pass applicants will be granted the same validity period as the primary work pass holder’s stay in Singapore. While the Dependant Pass only allows the dependents to live in Singapore, with the proper documentation and approval, Dependant Pass holders could also work or study in Singapore. 

The Duration of the Dependent Pass will depend on the duration of the primary Work Pass holder that sponsored it. 

What are the key eligibility criteria for the Dependant Pass?

Not all applicants are eligible under the Dependant Pass, and there are criteria to respect for both the primary work pass holder and the dependent who wishes to enter Singapore via the Dependant Pass scheme. The Dependant Pass applicant should either be the legally married spouse or the primary work pass holder’s unmarried children (under 21 years old). These relationships have to be demonstrated through proper certifications. For instance, marriage certificates, birth certificates or adoption orders where relevant. Common Law Spouses can only apply for a Long-term Visit Pass if eligible. 

The primary work pass holder should minimally draw a fixed monthly salary of S$6,000 to qualify to bring their dependents through the Dependant Pass scheme. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dependents must prove that they are either fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or exempt from vaccination. All documents submitted for the Dependant Pass should be in English or officially translated into English. 

How can Dependant Pass holders apply to work in Singapore?

Since May 2021, the Singapore government has required Dependant Pass holders to apply for a relevant work pass should they wish to work in Singapore. This means that, depending on the type of work and qualifying salary, the Dependant Pass holder may need to apply through the S Pass, Employment Pass or EntrePass 

How can Dependant Pass holders apply for a Letter of Consent to operate a business in Singapore?

Dependant Pass holders considering operating a business based in Singapore must apply and obtain a LOC to gain the required permissions and approval from MOM. Those intending to apply for the LOC should have a Dependant Pass valid for at least three months. Again, this LOC application is subject to the various requirements and criteria imposed by the MOM. 

If your company assists work pass holders to bring in their dependents, or if you are a valid Work Pass holder who wants to apply for the Dependant Pass on behalf of your spouse/children, do not hesitate to contact our consultants to understand the application process in-depth. We can guide you in your application, from start to finish, on how to apply this LOC. 

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