Are you interested in applying for The Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (ForArts)?

The Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (ForArts) is a program administered by the National Arts Council (NAC) in Singapore. This scheme aims to support the development of arts and culture in Singapore by attracting foreign artistic talent to work in the country. It is open to artists, performers, and arts professionals from around the world.

The ForArts scheme provides support for foreign artistic talent in several ways. Firstly, it provides financial support for living expenses and professional development, such as training and networking opportunities. Additionally, ForArts offers assistance with immigration and work pass applications, making it easier for foreign artists to live and work in Singapore.

To be eligible for the ForArts scheme, applicants must demonstrate excellence in their field of artistic practice, have a track record of professional achievements, and be recommended by a recognized arts organisation or individual. Applicants must also have a concrete proposal for an artistic project or activity that they will carry out during their time in Singapore.

Successful applicants will receive a one-year visa, which can be renewed for up to three years. During this time, they will receive financial support, as well as opportunities to showcase their work and engage with the local arts community. The ForArts scheme aims to promote cross-cultural exchange and collaboration, and to enrich Singapore’s cultural landscape by bringing in new perspectives and experiences.

Applying for the ForArts scheme can be a competitive process, as the program receives a large number of applications each year. However, for those who are successful, the scheme offers a unique opportunity to develop their careers and contribute to the vibrant arts scene in Singapore.

If you are interested in applying for the ForArts scheme, you can find more information on the NAC website. Applications typically open in the first quarter of each year, and applicants are encouraged to submit their proposals early to increase their chances of success.

The ForArts scheme in Singapore offers a valuable opportunity for foreign artistic talent to develop their careers and contribute to the country’s arts and culture scene. If you are a talented artist or arts professional looking for new opportunities, the ForArts scheme may be worth exploring.

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