The appropriate usage and presentation of the National Flag are guided by the National Symbols Act 2022 and its associated Regulations, which became effective on August 1, 2023.

These guidelines aim to summarise important rules from the Act and Regulations to ensure that the National Flag is always treated with respect.

How to Properly Use the National Flag:

Correct Appearance of the National Flag: The National Flag must be created in its accurate colors (Pantone 032 and Pantone White) and proportions, with a ratio of 2 (width) to 3 (length).

Displaying the National Flag: 

  1. If the National Flag is displayed outside a building, it must be flown from a flagpole in front of the building. It should not be flown at night without proper lighting. However, during National Day celebrations (July 1 to September 30) or other periods declared by the Minister, the flag can be displayed on a building without needing a flagpole or night lighting.
  2. Position of Honor for Displaying the National Flag: In Singapore, the National Flag should take precedence over other flags, and it should not be positioned below any other flag, emblem, or object. When displayed alongside other flags, it should be placed above or to the left of them, as seen when facing the flags. When hung, it should be on a vertical surface, with the crescent and stars on the top left side as viewed facing the flag.

Handling and Disposing of the National Flag: 

  1. Clean the National Flag when dirty and replace it if faded or torn. 
  2. Do not hang the National Flag with other laundry outside. c. Worn-out or damaged flags should be properly packed in a sealed black trash bag and not left visible in dustbins.

Using the National Flag on Clothing: 

The National Flag can be used on attire for non-commercial purposes without needing approval, as long as it’s done respectfully. National Sporting Associations should consult Sport Singapore for flag designs on competitive attire.

Using the National Flag on Products and Advertisements: 

Seek permission to use the National Flag or its image for commercial purposes, advertisements, decorations, attire, or on vehicles, vessels, or aircraft. Requests can be submitted using the National Symbols form.

These guidelines promote respectful use of the National Flag. However, certain rules are relaxed during specific occasions, such as National Day celebrations.

Relaxed Rules during National Day Celebrations and Special Occasions: During National Day celebrations (July 1 to September 30) and other declared occasions, there is flexibility in using the National Flag:

  1. Display on buildings doesn’t require a flagpole or night lighting.
  2. Display on vehicles is permitted (excluding hearses). The National Flag image can be used for decorations, commercial purposes, costumes, decals, posters, etc. However, all other rules for display, handling, and application must be followed. The flag’s respectful treatment should be maintained, and significant deviations from its original design are discouraged. Flags displayed for National Day must be taken down by September 30 each year.

Prohibited Uses of the National Flag: 

  1. The National Flag or its image should not be used in trademarks or private funeral activities.
  2. Flags with altered designs (graphics or words added) should not be produced.

For more information and examples of respectful flag use, refer to the attached examples. For inquiries or feedback, contact the team at

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