Private Investment Company

For clients that do not require the tax incentives offered by the Family Office scheme and do not have much idea of what traditional business they can operate, setting up a PIC is the best choice. Investor clients can opt to invest less funds in your Company and obtain an EP, enabling you to apply for PR in the next 2 years. 

Do note that setting up the PIC is not as straightforward a process, and many get stuck trying to open up their corporate bank account due to the incorrect structure of their setup. 

Criteria of Applicant:  

  1. Education of Degree and above. 
  2. Age 30-50 is preferred 
  3. Have relevant investment or business management experience 
  4. At least invest SGD 1 to 2 million into your Company 


There are 2 methods for the investment:


Self-Operate the company investments by hiring investment managers and deciding where to invest


Entrusted to third-party institutions (private banks, securities firms, custodians, etc.). Open an account under private banks or Securities companies and put at least SGD 1- 2 million for investment.

Advantages of PIC:

Save time and effort if the management of funds is entrusted to third-party institutions as they will help to manage the investment

Lower investment Amount criteria as compared to the Family office criteria of S$10million

Sustainable Work Visa that allows renewal if done correctly

Can enjoy company tax exemption for first 3 years on profits

EP approval would be higher if able to show a proper investment strategy

Who is PIC Suitable for?


Typically, a client embarking on this project can complete the set-up of the Company and obtain a valid working visa as quickly as 1 – 2 months, depending on the applicant’s criteria and investment strategy. Speak to us if you fulfil the criteria and want to know more about this Program.

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