Global Investor Program

Singapore has only 1 Investor Program to get Singapore PR directly, and that is through the Global Investor Program (GIP). 

The Singapore government first introduced GIP for high net worth individuals (HNWI) with a substantial business track record, an entrepreneurial background, or a solid business or investment proposal regarding their future plans in Singapore. 

The aim of the GIP is to attract foreign talents to invest in and be an integral part of the Singapore economy.  In April 2012, the government abolished the previous Financial Investor Scheme, making the GIP the only way forward for immigration-via-investment into Singapore. 

Even though the criteria are relatively straightforward, only 3 out of 10 applications are successful because GIP aims to attract the crème de la crème of foreign talents. 

Xignam has been working with Private Banks, Real Estate Agencies, Insurance Agencies and Fund Managers to provide immigration services for HNWI internationally.  Our experience and knowledge in this field and excellent client relationship management make us the number one choice to ensure a successful GIP application. 

GIP Criteria

Minimum 3 years of entrepreneurial experience (Holding a key position in the Company is very important)
An annual business turnover averaging S$200 million / $500 million over the last 3 years based on audited accounts.
For privately owned companies, the applicant must have a 30% shareholding, and the company must be operating in at least one of the approved industries.

Investment Options

Invest at least S$10 million in a new business entity or expansion of an existing business operation.
Invest at least S$25 million in any GIP-approved fund.
Establish a Singapore-based Single-Family Office with Assets-Under-Management (AUM*) of at least S$200 million, where a minimum of S$50 million must be deployed in any of the 4 investment Changes in Requirements over time.

Renewal Criteria

You can get your Re-entry Permit Renewed for 5 years if: 

  • You Fulfilled all investment conditions under Option A, Option B or Option C of the GIP 
  • Employment Requirement: Singapore must employ at least 30 employees, with half of them being Singaporean Citizens and 10 of them being incremental employees (Option A) OR 

Must employ at least 5 incremental Family Office Singapore Citizen professionals (Option C) 

  • AUM: maintain the S$25 million investment in a GIP-select fund  (Option B) OR 

Maintain the S$50 million AUM across any of the 4 investment categories. (Option C) 

  • STAY: You or all of your dependents who obtained PR under your GIP application have resided in Singapore for more than half the time. 

Applicants can also choose to reside in Singapore for over half the time to get a 3-year renewal. 


Alternatives for GIP

Should you are not eligible for the Global Investor Program and can wait a little longer to get your Singapore PR, consider the following programs for investment and eventually get a Singapore PR.

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