SingPass: Your trusted digital identity in Singapore

Expanded in July 2015, Singapore Personal Access (SingPass) is a nation-wide two-factor authentication digital system. It is used by Singapore residents for digital identification and secure access to government and private sector services, both online and in person.

SingPass can be used to access over 250 digital services from 60 government agencies which includes filing taxes and applying for public housing online. It supports over 3.3 million users and includes a robust user interface, mobile-friendly features and high security features, which are especially important for transactions involving sensitive data. SingPass is managed by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech), a statutory board of the Government of Singapore, as part of eight strategic national projects under Singapore’s Smart Nation vision.

Anyone living in Singapore over the age of 15 is eligible to use SingPass. To register, you may use the SingPass online registration portal. It is a one-time registration that cannot be cancelled or re-submitted. Your initial temporary password will be mailed to your registered address, after which you may use it to login and change the password to your preferred one.

It is of utmost importance that you keep your SingPass details safe. If these details falls into the wrong hands, it may be used for identity fraud. Here are a few tips on how to avoid scams and keep your SingPass details safe:

  1. Do not share your SingPass details with others.
  2. Avoid clicking on hyperlinks or scanning QR codes sent over email, SMS, Whatsapp and other communications services by a caller ID “SingPass”. These tend to be phishing scams that impersonate government agencies in order to steal your personal data.
  3. Always check the SingPass URL domain carefully. Some websites and hyperlinks impersonate the SingPass URL, but the minute differences will be clear to those who check before they click.
  4. Pay close attention to any alerts of unusual logins to your SingPass account. If you did not use SingPass and have received a notification, please update your SingPass details as soon as possible.
  5. Only log in to one SingPass app at any one time.

The Immigrations and Customs Authority (ICA) is one of the major agencies that use SingPass on their online portals. Using SingPass to log in to the ICA submissions portal makes the process of your Permanent Residency or Citizenship application more efficient. So, have you submitted your applications yet? Our consultants are well-versed in application submissions and are eager to help you with your immigration needs. Feel free to connect with us at!

– Written by Patricia Shareleen and edited by Asahi Yip, Cayman Management Consultants

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