What Documents Do I Need for My Singapore PR Application?

Journey towards Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) is an exciting step, offering many opportunities within this dynamic city-state. The process involves a detailed application, beginning with the preparation of essential documents, followed by submission through the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) portal. This meticulous procedure demands attention to every detail to ensure a smooth progression.

The success of a Singapore PR application largely hinges on the accuracy and completeness of the required documents. These affirm your identity and qualifications and provide the ICA with a comprehensive view of your potential contributions as a future permanent resident. Any inaccuracies or omissions can lead to delays or rejection, underscoring the need for thorough preparation and understanding of the documentation required.

Digital Passport-Sized Photograph

A. Requirements and Specifications

For your Singapore PR application, ensure your digital passport-sized photograph adheres to the following specifications:

  • Size and Dimensions: 35mm wide by 45mm high.
  • File Format: JPEG.
  • File Size: Not exceeding 2MB.
  • Resolution: Minimum of 2.0 megapixels for clarity.

Identification Documents

For a successful Singapore PR application, several identification documents are crucial. These documents verify your identity and are essential for the application process.

A. Identity Card

  • Applicability: This is required for applicants from countries where Identification Cards are issued. This is a primary form of identification and must be current and valid.

B. Deed Poll/Change of Name Certificate

  • Requirement: This document is essential for applicants who have undergone a name change and have discrepancies across their official documents. It ensures that all names across different documents are aligned and accurately reflect the applicant’s current legal name.

C. Birth Certificate/Family Register/Household Census

  • Necessity: All applicants must provide proof of family ties and lineage. This document is crucial for verifying the applicant’s birth details, including place and date of birth, as well as parental information.

Travel Documents and Immigration Passes

For a successful Singapore PR application, having the correct travel documents and valid immigration passes is crucial. Below are the general requirements and accepted immigration passes necessary for the application.

A. General Requirements

  • Scanned Copy of the Passport’s Bio-data Page: Applicants must provide a clear and legible scanned copy of the bio-data page of their current passport.
  • Validity Period of the Passport: The passport should have a validity period of at least six months at the time of application.
  • Notarised Translations for Non-English Documents: Any travel document not in English must be accompanied by a notarised translation to ensure clarity and understanding.

B. Accepted Immigration Passes

For those currently residing in Singapore, holding a valid immigration pass can benefit your PR application. The following are the accepted passes:

  • Employment Pass: For foreign professionals working in managerial, executive, or specialised jobs.
  • Personalised Employment Pass: This is for high-earning existing Employment Pass holders or overseas professionals.
  • S Pass: For mid-skilled staff earning a fixed monthly salary.
  • Entrepreneur Pass: This is for owners of newly incorporated companies who wish to operate in Singapore.
  • Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP): For family members of Singapore citizens/PRs or Employment/ S Pass holders. Note that LTVP holders can only apply for PR if their Singaporean spouse/child is able to sponsor their application.
  • Student’s Pass: Foreign students studying in Singapore can apply for PR under the Foreign Student Scheme (FSS) if they have resided in Singapore for more than two years at the point of application and have passed at least one national exam or are in the Integrated Programme.
  • Dependent’s Pass: For spouses and children of Employment Pass or S Pass holders.
  • Tech.Pass: For established tech entrepreneurs, leaders, or experts in their field.
  • ONE Pass: For top-tier foreign talent in the financial sector.

Educational Certificates and Qualifications

Educational certificates and qualifications play a significant role in evaluating those applying for Singapore Permanent Residency (PR). It’s essential to understand the specific requirements based on your applicant category and the types of documents needed for a successful application.

A. Tertiary Certificates and Transcripts

  • Spouses and children of current SPR (Singapore Permanent Resident) or SC (Singapore Citizen): Must provide proof of highest educational qualifications, including tertiary certificates and transcripts.
  • Employment Pass and S Pass holders under PTS (Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers) scheme: Required to submit certificates and transcripts of tertiary education as proof of qualifications for their job roles in Singapore.
  • International Students (Student Pass holder): Should provide certificates and transcripts from their studies in Singapore or equivalent qualifications from their home country.
  • Foreign Investors under the Global Investor Programme (GIP) scheme: Must showcase their educational background through relevant certificates and transcripts to support their business acumen and potential contribution to Singapore.

B. Professional Licences and Certificates

For certain professions, additional documents may be required for the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) assessment:

  • Professional Licences: Necessary for applicants working in regulated professions, indicating they are qualified to practise in Singapore.
  • Membership Certificates: Proof of membership in professional bodies, which may be required for certain sectors or positions.
  • Vocational Trade Certificates: Important for those in skilled trades, demonstrating specific qualifications and skills in their field.

These documents help paint a comprehensive picture of the applicant’s educational background and professional qualifications, which are critical to the PR application review process.

Current Employment Paperwork

Providing detailed current employment paperwork is essential when applying for Singapore Permanent Residency (PR). These documents are crucial in showcasing your economic contribution and professional standing in Singapore.

A. General Employment Documents

All applicants should be prepared to submit the following general employment documents:

  • Employment Certification Details: A letter from your current employer detailing your position, employment commencement date, and a 6-month payslips breakdown is required. This document confirms your current employment status and income.

B. Additional Requirements for Specific Categories

Depending on your current visa or employment pass, you may need to provide additional documents:

  • Feedback from Previous Employers for PTS Scheme Applicants: Applicants under the Professional, Technical Personnel, and Skilled Workers scheme must furnish feedback or reference letters from previous employers. This feedback should highlight your professional contributions and performance.
  • Business Registration Certificate and Occupational Licence for Self-Employed Individuals: If you are self-employed, you must provide proof of your business registration with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) in Singapore. Additionally, an occupational licence specific to your trade or profession may be required to demonstrate your legitimacy and compliance with local regulations.

These documents collectively offer a comprehensive view of your employment history, financial contributions, and professional standing, which are key considerations in the PR application process.


The path to obtaining a Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) is intricate, requiring meticulous attention to the accuracy of your documentation. The significance of this accuracy cannot be overstated, as it ensures the smooth processing of your application. Any errors or omissions can lead to delays or, in worse cases, rejection.

Understanding the complexities involved seeking the expertise of a professional immigration agency, such as Xignam, can prove invaluable. Xignam’s team of seasoned professionals offers personalised assistance, guiding you through each step of the application process. Our knowledge and experience can help avoid common pitfalls, ensuring your documentation is completed correctly and efficiently.

By leveraging the support of an agency like Xignam, applicants can navigate the PR application process with greater confidence and ease. Our assistance elevates the chances of a successful application and provides peace of mind, knowing that every detail of your application is managed with the utmost care and professionalism.

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